Newave Arts Education

Newave Arts Education is an award winning not-for-profit creative arts organisation that offers bespoke creative learning provisions to schools, colleges, community groups and local authorities across the Midlands.

Music Education Newave ArtsWe offer a range of creative learning, arts education experiences and music provisions to primary and secondary schools and provide support for teaching staff through bespoke peripatetic programmes focusing on the national curriculum. Our team of creative professionals specialise in providing fun and interactive workshops that engage participants of all abilities, focusing on subjects both on the national curriculum and as part of extended learning through extra curricula activities and after school clubs.

We offer schools a variety of ways to participate with our art provision programmes with all projects being  specifically designed for your schools needs. Ranging from one-off themed workshops to ongoing peripatetic support throughout the academic year, our experienced team will offer a bespoke solution for your school.

Creative Learning - Our Aim

Newave Arts is committed to delivering high standards of creative tuition to schools, community groups and other educational establishments. Working in a number of schools across the Midlands, the company delivers inclusive arts experiences and promotes participation across all spectrums of the arts. We aim to:

  • Provide inspirational arts provision that encourage participation and increase self-reliance and self-confidence.
  • Nurture artistic development by providing access to creative learning.
  • Promote social engagement through our community programmes that support and enrich environmental and social wellbeing.
  • Provide young people with guidance and support to achieve.
  • Supply access to training, further education and Creative Apprenticeship programmes to encourage local growth and stimulate employment in the arts sector