Baby Sing n Jam
The Live music Event

A live music event especially for babies, toddlers and mums & dads

Baby Sing n Jam

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Baby Sing n Jam… the exciting live music event especially created for babies, toddlers and families! 

This interactive and vibrant performance is the perfect blend of pop music and well known children’s songs along with fun visuals and high energy activities to keep your babies entertained.

Led by professional singer and early years music specialist Kelly Percival along with support from her live band, Baby Sing n Jam introduces your baby to the wonderfully dynamic world of music. 

As well as live music events, we are now offering community music classes and school workshops in Early Years Music  This exciting and engaging experience can now be brought into your primary school…

  • Each concert is 45 minutes long and features a live band
  • The environment is relaxed and supportive and parents are encouraged to feed and change their babies whenever and wherever they feel comfortable 
  • Sound levels are set to a baby friendly volume – loud enough to enjoy but also quiet enough for little ears
  • The event is for babies and toddlers so they are free to move, crawl, dance, jump and sing along!
  • For the latest updates and events, visit the Sing n Jam website 

Baby Sing n Jam

The concert will feature a number of well known pop songs, children’s nursery rhymes (with a twist) and fun visuals. Expect high energy, plenty of dancing and many opportunities for your little ones to join in and be part of the experience

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