Easy Guitar Chords For Young Players

In this guitar lesson, we look at 6 easy guitar chords for kids and beginner guitar players. This is an ideal guitar lesson for beginner guitar players both young and old who are starting out there on the guitar learning journey. 

Basic Guitar Chords For Beginners – if you are starting out playing the guitar, follow this video until the end to learn how to play simplified guitar chords. 

Once you have mastered how to play the simplified techniques, move on to my other guitar chord tutorials to learn a slightly more advanced technique (links in video) 

In this guitar lesson, we look at the following guitar chords: 

E major 

E minor 

C major 

A major 

D major 

G major 

The above chords are super easy guitar chords for beginners and are really easy to play. Make sure you take your time whilst learning these easy chords. Make sure that you are pressing on the fret of the guitar nice and firmly and that you place your fingers in the centre if the fret. 

These are my 5 best guitar chords for children and beginners as they are super easy to play and master within a short space of time. 

Why not try following my other tutorials to learn how to play the chord in their entirety. 

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