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Music Education in Birmingham schools

As a local organisation committed providing high quality and affordable music making experiences to Children and Young People, Newave’s Music Services for Birmingham schools provide flexible and cost-effective alternatives to other local providers. 

Our Birmingham Music Services team provide weekly lessons to hundreds of students throughout the academic year. We offer schools bespoke music packages that range from 6, 12, 24 or 35 week service level agreements

What Makes us different?

As a social organisation, we are able to substancially reduce the hourly rate to your school by constantly reinvesting back into our organisation and employees. This means that your school will benefit from a lower hourly rate than other local providers without compromising the quality of delivery. 

Birmingham Music Services
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Parent Portal

Newave’s Parent Portal enables parents to pay directly for instrumental lessons via our website signup form. Affordable one to one and group lessons are available and are hosted in the school grounds. 

This is proving to be a popular option for schools as it cuts out the administration process of collecting money from parents.  

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