My School Anthem Project

My School Anthem is a unique music-making creative project that supports schools to write, record and perform their very own School Anthem. This fun, creative and inspiring music project engages students, staff and sometimes parents in the process of creative writing, recording and production techniques

My School Anthem Project

The My School Anthem Project is a popular music making project that engages the whole school in a fun, immersive and engaging music experience. MSA is a fantastic way to get the whole school writing an original song and taking part in music-making workshops. 

Over the duration of the project, every pupil in your school will contribute to the school song by taking part in hands-on workshops and being part of the process from concept to performance. 

As the project is bespoke to each school, both tutors work closely with school staff to identify the particular area of focus. This may be:

  • Focusing on your school’s ethos or values
  • A school re-brand or launch (i.e. New Forms or Houses, New School Name etc)
  • A new identity for your school under new leadership
  • A particular subject area or issue that needs addressing (My Class Anthem)
  • A celebration

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  • Fun and engaging music workshops for the whole school
  • Inclusive activities that engage every pupil in your school
  • A unique song that is written, recorded and performed by your pupils
  • An experience that your students will be remember forever