Online Beginner Guitar Lesson 1

Online Beginner Guitar Lesson 1

In the below online beginner guitar lesson, we look at the very basics of the acoustic guitar and learn the about the different parts of the guitar. 

In this Entry Level Beginner acoustic Guitar Lesson, we look at the fundamentals of playing the acoustic guitar including key areas of the guitar. If you want to skip ahead to the parts of the video that are more relevant or you, then please use the time-codes below: 

Welcome & Introduction //// 00.00 

Parts of The Guitar //// 01.24 

The String Names //// 02.25 

How To Hold Your Guitar //// 03.18 

The Frets //// 05.00 

How To Tune Your Guitar //// 02.50 

Simple Plucking Pattern //// 06.38 

Learning Your First Chords (A major, D major & E major) //// 

09.30 Playing Your First Song //// 15.50 

(Elvis Presley – Ain’t Nothing But A Hound-dog)

For more online beginner guitar lessons, please visit our resources page by clicking here (Online Guitar Lessons)


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