Learning the acoustic guitar online - Lesson #1

Online Guitar Lessons with The CHORD BASHER

In this online guitar lesson, we look at the very start of your guitar journey. Sit back, take your time and enjoy this time you have to learn something new.

Online Guitar Lesson

Online Guitar Lessons - Lesson #1

Hello everyone. Thanks for checking out my online guitar lesson videos. In this very first video, we look at the basics of playing the acoustic guitar including how to hold the guitar correctly, the string names and plucking patterns. This is lesson 1 of a series of online guitar videos available to you absolutely free. 

As we find ourselves spending more time than usual at home (due to the lockdown), I wanted to share with you some videos I put together some time ago to support new guitar players learn new techniques. Each day, I will be posting a new video including some guitar songs for more advanced players.

I really hope the videos help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on my YouTube channel. 

Learn the guitar online at your own pace

Featured Guitar Tutorial - Shape of My Heart

I have 100’s of online guitar lessons and song tutorials. Have look around the website and see what takes your fancy. I am always after recommendations too, so please let me know if you have a song you would like to learn.