Primary school Music Audit

primary school music audit

Primary school Music Audit - Supporting your school in preparation for a 'Deep Dive' inspection

Primary School Music Audit & Curriculum Support

Whole Class Instrumental Teaching

Here at Newave Music & Arts  we champion the successes and understand the challenges that primary schools face in raising and promoting the importance and value of music education across their schools

With Ofsted guidelines highlighting the need to offer a “Broad and Balanced” curriculum and the potential of a “deep dive” into subjects, it is so important that schools feel prepared and confident to deliver quality music making.

We are currently having conversations with schools to explore their music and arts provision for September 2020 onwards. If you are Music Lead within your school and would like support and advice to shape your music curriculum, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We offer music support and guidance for primary schools focusing on:

  • Discussing your existing music provision and how effective this is for your school
  • Music PLD for school staff 
  • Whole Class Instrumental Teaching 
  • Early Years Music classes and PLD
  • Support and guidance with developing, devising and implementing the Music National Curriculum through advisory days

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Ofsted Subject Deep Dive

A Dive Into Music

Following pilots last year and many discussions about the new inspection framework –  in particular surrounding subject ‘deep dives’ – Ofsted has started visiting schools and asking about the Broad and Balanced Curriculum, and looking at specific subjects including music.

Although the questions which schools are asked in an Ofsted visit may vary, it is likely that the following might be key lines of enquiry based on the new focus on Intent, Implementation and Impact:

  • What is a school trying to achieve through their music curriculum? (Intent)
  • How is the school’s curriculum being delivered? (Implementation)
  • What difference is the school’s curriculum making? (Impact)

There is also evidence that questions and observations include:

  • How to demonstrate ‘sequencing’ in Music? (Why this? Why now?)
  • How to show/evidence progression of musical knowledge and understanding?
  • How does a school support children who get behind? Or children with SEND?
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Primary School Music Audit