Whole Class Instrumental Teaching


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Whole Class Instrumental Teaching

Newave’s WCIT enables primary school students to learn a musical instrument alongside their peers. Normally delivered in weekly sessions, our music programmes support schools and their pupils to access high quality music making experiences through tailored thematic sessions, which focus on teaching key aspects of the Music Curriculum

Our whole class instrumental teaching is a popular choice for primary schools looking to kick start instrumental teaching in the school. 


A specialist music teacher will visit your school on a weekly basis to deliver a 45 minute session. This can be spread over a number of year groups with each year learning a separate instrument.


Bespoke SLA’s for schools who wish to buy 12, 24 or 36 weeks music delivery.

Fixed cost of £35 per hour

Bespoke Delivery

Bespoke lesson plans with a focus on a chosen theme or topic, which is identified by the school. 


A Newave Learning Journals can be used to document student progression and identify pathways for students to receive individual instrument lessons

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