The Start of a new term

It’s been a challenging time for all of us over the past 5 months with a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future. Many of our staff have been unable to deliver sessions due to the schools and community settings as being closed. Although this has been a huge setback for us, many of our staff have been actively supporting clients through other means, such as online virtual courses and resources. Further more, we have used this time to work with teaching staff at a number of schools to support with developing their music and arts curriculum for when the pupils eventually return. Some of our resources can be found here.

Primary School Music Audit

The New Academic Year

As we move into September, we are pleased to say that we have retained and even expanded our school client base. This has meant we have taken on 4 new members of staff who will work with our wider team to facilitate these sessions. 

Our Management Team have gone to great lengths to ensure that we run each session in a safe and controlled environment through robust risk assessments and safe working methods. All Newave Arts visiting staff are fully equipped with PPE and sanitising supplies and regularly clean any instruments used during the session. All equipment is sanitised at the beginning and end of each lesson. 

For more information about how we are delivering our sessions, please contact us using the below information.


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